How Can You Get Around the Bankruptcy Means Test?

The bankruptcy means test can really ruin a person’s day.  Every now and then, I meet with a high income potential Georgia bankruptcy client who ends up with a means test number that just won’t work in reality. Usually, this person will come into my office who had a friend that recently filed bankruptcy with 

Is Retirement A Factor When Considering Bankruptcy?

When considering bankruptcy, retirement should definitely be taken in account. I meet with quite few potential bankruptcy clients in Dalton, Dallas, Cartersville and Rome, Georgia who reluctantly come to my office and resist the idea of bankruptcy even though economic reality demands it.  The tide usually begins to shift when we start talking about retirement. 

What Falling Home Values Mean to Homeowners in Georgia

As everyone in Georgia knows, home values have been falling this past year. On the down side, this means that borrowing on the equity of your home is difficult  and if you are trying sell, you may not be able to get the price you need. People all across Northwest Georgia, from Dalton to Rome, 

The Bankruptcy Means Test Cannot Be Ignored

The bankruptcy means test was not thrown into the toilet in the Lanning decision.  A District Court in the Ninth Circuit has recently ruled that the Supreme Court decision in Lanning does not mean that the bankruptcy means test can be completely ignored (click here to see a blog post I wrote about Lanning). In 

Cosigner Did Not Pay The Debt – What Now?

When a cosigner does not pay a debt, the bottom line is that the creditor will now be coming after you. The story usually goes something like this.  Daughter’s car broke down on Walnut Avenue coming home from grocery store.  The engine fell out and now she is desperate for transportation.  Her old car had 

Getting A Tax Refund Every Year Is A Bad Idea

Getting a tax refund every year is a bad idea because you have basically given the federal government an interest free loan with your money. It makes more sense to change the amount of exemptions you claim on your paycheck so that you will receive more income each payday and the government will hold on 

Rising Used Car Prices Will Impact Bankruptcy Cases In Georgia

The recent rise in used car prices will impact both Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 cases in Georgia.  The Wall Street Journal recently reported that “prices for used cars hit a record high in April and are poised to go even higher as production cutbacks during the recession and the more recent Japanese earthquake has