Do You Have Too Much Money and Too Many Non-Exempt Assets to File Bankruptcy?

Contrary to popular myth, bankruptcy debtors do not automatically lose their non-exempt assets, even in Chapter 7 liquidations. The trustee (a court-appointed bureaucrat who oversees the case on behalf of the judge) is under no duty to perform such random seizures. Instead, the bankruptcy trustee must examine non-exempt assets and determine if it is worthwhile […]

What It Takes to Pass the Georgia Chapter 7™ Means Test

Qualifying through the Georgia Chapter 7 Means Test The most common chapter of bankruptcy filed by debtors is Chapter 7. Chapter 7, outside of certain specific situations, is the more desired of two types of personal bankruptcy. It is more desirable than the other chapter, Chapter 13, for numerous reasons. First, it is significantly cheaper. […]

Financial Troubles? When to File Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy filing rates are down overall, but four Georgia counties are among the top ten in the nation in terms of consumer bankruptcy filings. With 1,096 bankruptcy filings per 100,000 people, Clayton County (Jonesboro) is second only to Shelby County in Tennessee. The recession hit folks in Clayton County hard, as unemployment peaked at 13.5 […]

Bankruptcy and Security Clearance Revocation

Many people who work at Dobbins A.R.B., Moody A.F.B., Kings Bay N.S.B., or a company that supports these installations, put off necessary bankruptcy filings because they fear that such a move will result in the security clearance revocation. While financial problems may have an adverse effect, there is not a direct relationship between consumer bankruptcy […]

Hard-to-Find Answers to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy FAQs

If you are considering filing bankruptcy, you probably have many questions.  Some questions which few sites answer can have a big impact. The Chapter 7 bankruptcy FAQs below can make a large difference in understanding the bankruptcy process and how your specific situation can fit into that process. Q: Will I be able to repair […]

Bankruptcy and Frogs

As I got into my car early one morning to head to work, I noticed I had an unexpected little friend on my dashboard.  I wondered to myself, “How in the world did this little guy end up in my car?” I had not left the car open all night.  I had not left the […]


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