Bankruptcy – Why You Should Take Adavantage of a Free Consultation

Bankruptcy can be tricky.  I recently met with a potential bankruptcy client who had filed her first case on her own (also known as a pro se bankruptcy).  Like almost all pro se bankruptcy cases, it got dismissed. After she came to meet with me to discuss refiling the bankruptcy case, she was completely shocked 

Should I File Bankruptcy Over One Debt?

Every now and then, I will have a potential client that walks into my office with only one creditor problem. My frustrated potential bankruptcy client will say, “I cannot believe I am going to have to file bankruptcy because of this one nasty creditor.  Is there any other way out of this tangled mess?” Is 

What Kind of Turtle Are You?

This past week, I was walking through a neighborhood in Kennesaw, GA and came across this large turtle.  When I moved in close to take a picture of this monstrosity, he charged at me!  I was absolutely shocked by this aggressive behavior from a turtle.  I just about jumped out of my skin.  My ears 

Bankruptcy – Do I Have to Give Away All Of My Cash Before I File?

One of the most common myths about filing bankruptcy in Georgia is that you have to give away every single dime you have before you file.  Don’t let go of any cash until you finish reading this entire post. When you give away money before filing bankruptcy, a trustee can file a lawsuit against the 

Credit Cards And The Crimea

What do credit card companies and Vladimir Putin have in common?  The answer is that they both take what they want. After the break up the Soviet Union in the 1990s, Ukraine had the 3rd largest nuclear arsenal in the world.  They also had one of the largest armies.  Many of the great powers of 

Bankruptcy and The Gun Toting Debtor

When a person files for bankruptcy, what will happen to their guns?  In Northwest Georgia, guns are a treasured commodity and part of a favored pastime. People are so crazy about guns around here that Wal-mart won’t let you buy more than two little boxes at a time.  I asked a Wal-mart cashier why I 

Who Is To Blame for the Georgia’s Snowpocalypse 2014?

This has been a really rough week for everyone who lives in North Georgia.  I’ve lived in Georgia almost all of my life and I’ve never seen anything like this disaster.  What would normally take 15 minutes to get home ended up being 8 hours for many people. I was meeting with a client in