Bankruptcy and Frogs

As I got into my car early one morning to head to work, I noticed I had an unexpected little friend on my dashboard.  I wondered to myself, “How in the world did this little guy end up in my car?” I had not left the car open all night.  I had not left the […]

3 Frequently Asked Questions About Rome Bankruptcy Filings

Q: How can bankruptcy help people who are in foreclosure? A: Many people have homes that are currently in foreclosure. While bankruptcy is not something that every person in foreclosure should end up filing, the vast majority of people in foreclosure should at least consider bankruptcy as an option. There are advantages to filing both […]

The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Rome GA Attorney Advises

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy Rome GA is the most common form of financial relief for debtors. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges all debt owed by the debtor, save for certain debts which are non-dischargeable. The Chapter 7 process is usually no longer than three to four months and debtors can normally keep their personal assets. […]

When a Rome GA Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Is the Right Choice

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a process where the debtor reorganizes their debt. It is different from a Chapter 7 for many reasons. The biggest difference is that Chapter 13 is a longer process and debts are repaid as opposed to immediately being discharged from your debts. There are numerous reasons why a debtor would file […]

Judicial Estoppel – 11th Circuit Got It Wrong In Slater Bankruptcy Case

The 11th Circuit missed the boat in the per curiam Slater decision. The doctrine of judicial estoppel should not apply in a bankruptcy case until a discharge has occurred. You may be asking yourself, “What the heck is judicial estoppel and why should I care?” Judicial Estoppel Defined The equitable doctrine of judicial estoppel, also […]


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