Bankruptcy and The Gun Toting Debtor

When a person files for bankruptcy, what will happen to their guns?  In Northwest Georgia, guns are a treasured commodity and part of a favored pastime. People are so crazy about guns around here that Wal-mart won’t let you buy more than two little boxes at a time.  I asked a Wal-mart cashier why I 

Bankruptcy – Can I Protect the Equity in My Rental Homes?

There has been quite a bit of excitement in the Georgia bankruptcy world this past month because the bankruptcy exemption for a residence was raised to $21,500.00 for an individual and $43,000.00 for a married couple.  Click here to read the blog post I wrote on the bankruptcy exemption for a residence. This past week, 

Breaking News – Georgia Doubles The Bankruptcy Exemption For Homes

It’s time for all Georgia consumers to smile.  Georgia’s governor, Nathan Deal, recently signed a new law that raises the bankruptcy exemption for Georgia residents from $10,000.00 to $21,500.00 for individuals and from $20,000.00 to $43,000.00 for married couples.  This is good news for any Georgia consumer that is considering bankruptcy. In the short run, 

Bankruptcy – Will I Keep My 401k If I File In Georgia?

When you file bankruptcy in Georgia, you will most likely keep all of your 401k retirement. I have been practicing consumer bankruptcy law since 1998 and I’ve never seen any debtors lose any of their 401k after they filed bankruptcy in Georgia. I meet with clients all the time from Dallas, Rome, Cartersville, Hiram, Douglasville, 

Bankruptcy- Can I Keep My Furniture If I File in Georgia?

As a Georgia bankruptcy attorney, one of the most common questions I hear from potential clients is, “Will I be able to keep my furniture if I file bankruptcy?”  In Georgia, the answer to this question in almost every case is yes. The exemption law in Georgia for furniture states that any bankruptcy debtor may 

Cash Exemption in Georgia Bankruptcy Cases

The cash exemption is often a major consideration for Georgia consumers who are considering filing for bankruptcy.  Especially during tax refund season, I often have clients who will ask, “How much of the cash in my bank account can I keep if I file bankruptcy?” In Georgia bankruptcy cases, the answer to this question is