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Bank of America Cheats On Loan Modifications

The cracks are starting to appear in the National Mortgage Settlement. The cracks indicate a blatant cheating of loan modifications and practices through Bank of America. The Miami Herald has reported that Florida’s Attorney General, Pam Bondi believes that Bank of America has failed “to follow the rules of a national mortgage settlement reached last […]

Georgia Senate Approves Foreclosure Notification Bill

Can you imagine living in a state where a mortgage company could take your house away from you through foreclosure without you ever knowing about it?  Welcome to Georgia! Your mortgage company currently has no legal obligation to notify you of their intent to foreclose on your home.  However, in a recent online edition of […]

Foreclosure Cases – Federal Regulators Will Review Millions

Newspapers across our nation have been full of articles detailing bank foreclosure practices that have been abusive.  It now looks like the federal government will attempt to respond to this foreclosure abuse.  The Wall Street Journal has reported that federal regulators will review millions of foreclosure cases to determine whether some consumers should be compensated […]

House Foreclosed But Still Owing Money to the Lender

When a house gets foreclosed, many consumers fear that they are still owing money to the lender after the foreclosure of their home.  In Georgia, it is usually only the second mortgage companies that pursue a deficiency after a house is foreclosed.  However, the Wall Street Journal reports that many banks are now pursing deficiency […]


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