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Tribute to Goals Master Bill Johnston

Goals.  While January is a great time to plan New Year’s resolutions,  March is a great time to check in and see how you are doing.  Whenever I think about planning for the future, I think about my good friend Bill Johnston.  He was a friend who died way too young.  Bill was the most […]

What Are Exempt Assets in Bankruptcy?

Many states allow bankruptcy debtors to choose between state and federal exemptions. As a general rule, the federal exemptions are more debtor-friendly than state laws. However, Georgia debtors must use the exemptions provided in Title 44 of the Georgia Code to decide exempt assets in bankruptcy. The news is not all bad, though, because the Peachtree […]

Georgia Bankruptcy Exemptions

The biggest concern Georgia debtors have when they decide to file bankruptcy is the uncertainty regarding their assets. Every state has different bankruptcy exemptions and Georgia is no exception. Georgia bankruptcy exemptions can make a big difference between keeping a beloved asset and having to possibly surrender it to the bankruptcy court. These exemptions don’t […]

chapter 7 vs chapter 13

Should I File Bankruptcy Chapter 7 or Chapter 13?

The most common question asked by people contemplating filing bankruptcy is, “What type of bankruptcy should I file?”. Debtors should consider Chapter 7 vs Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The debtor has two options: Chapter 7, which discharges your debts, or Chapter 13, which reorganizes your debts. Issues That Help Determine if you should file Chapter 7 vs […]


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