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When is a Bankruptcy Claim Contingent, Unliquidated, or Disputed?

By Jeffrey Kelly | March 18, 2022
Bankruptcy claims

Listing your debt is an essential part of filing for bankruptcy. And it’s equally important to know when a bankruptcy claim is contingent, unliquidated, or disputed. Here’s why. While bankruptcy claims, in most cases, are very straightforward, figuring out the amount you owe to a creditor can sometimes be challenging. The claim could depend on […]

Crucial Info About Nonexempt Property in Bankruptcy

By Jeffrey Kelly | January 27, 2022
nonexempt property in bankruptcy

Whether you apply for Bankruptcy Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, you will eventually deal with the issue of non-exempt property. Understanding what property is exempt and what property is not exempt can affect your bankruptcy case. Don’t be left wondering about this vital aspect of the bankruptcy filing. Keep reading for an introduction to non-exempt […]

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy—What It Is & How It Works?

By Jeffrey Kelly | January 12, 2022
what type of bankruptcy is chapter 7

When someone goes to a bankruptcy law firm and asks for advice, it is often quite surprising to hear them say, “I’m not sure which Chapter I qualify for?” or “Will my debts be wiped out?” or “Do I have to disclose assets?”. In response to these often asked questions, this article will discuss the […]

Is Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 Better?

By Jeffrey Kelly | November 19, 2021
bankruptcy chapter 7 vs 13

So you want to file bankruptcy, but you aren’t sure if Chapter 7 or 13 is right for you? It is not unusual for people with debt problems to wonder which kind of bankruptcy case they should file, either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. The truth is that there are many factors involved in answering […]

What Happens If You Declare Bankruptcy?

By Jeffrey Kelly | October 29, 2021
Declare bankruptcy

Declaring Bankruptcy in Rome, GA Declaring Bankruptcy in Rome, GALearning how to file a petition for bankruptcyBasics of Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedingsBasics of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy procedureHow a bankruptcy case can help youThe Automatic StayDischarged DebtsSeek legal help from a seasoned bankruptcy attorney in Georgia There are different types of bankruptcy, each with a […]

Rising Home Prices Can Stop a Bankruptcy

By Jeffrey Kelly | July 25, 2021

Click Here for the Podcast Version of this Post / How in the world could rising equity in real estate cause financial problems for the owner?  I know it sounds super strange but I will explain how it is happening.  I have been practicing consumer bankruptcy since 1998 and I have never seen a real […]

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