AJC Reports that 2,400 New Jobs Are Coming To Dalton & Chatsworth
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AJC Reports that 2,400 New Jobs Are Coming to Dalton and Chatsworth

photoThe Atlanta Journal and Constitution reported today that 2,400 new jobs are coming to Dalton and Chatsworth.  As a bankruptcy attorney that has clients from both Dalton and Chatsworth, I can personally attest to the fact this area has been hard hit by this awful economy.

I’ve seen a lot families use Chapter 13 to fight hard to save their homes from foreclosure.  New job opportunities will help in this fight.

When the construction industry started declining in 2007, Dalton and Chatsworth went right with it.  Dalton has been referred to by many as the carpet capital of the world.  When the new houses stopped being built, the demand for carpet dropped as well.  It wasn’t long before I started noticing a lot of empty store fronts in Dalton.

The AJC reports that Bob Shaw’s new company, Engineered Floors, will employ 2,400 people in “recession battered Northwest Georgia.”  This opportunity for new jobs in Dalton and Chatsworth is fantastic news.  People cannot get back on their feet without jobs.

While Chapter 13 is a great tool for helping people recover from economic hardship, it simply does not work for families that have zero income.  People with zero income usually need to to file Chapter 7 and eliminate all of their debts.

Governor Deal stated that he was told by Mr. Shaw the new plants would be built in other states unless Georgia got rid of the sales tax on energy used in manufacturing.  Dalton’s Mayor David Pennington pushed hard for this repeal.  Kuddos to them both for getting that sales tax repealed.  I’m looking forward to seeing Northwest Georgia rebound.

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