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Can A Creditor Garnish Money From My Checking Account in Georgia?

“Can a creditor garnish money from my checking account in Georgia?”  Just the other day, one of my Dallas Ga bankruptcy clients asked me this question.

The answer to this question is yes.

“How much can they take out of my checking account?”

The answer is however much they need to take out of your account to cover the debt.  For example, if you owe a $1,000.00 to a creditor and you have $1,000.00 in your checking account, they can take it all.

Last week, I spoke with a client who had just enough money in her checking account to pay her rent.  She had no idea that the company that had obtained a judgment against her could clean out her entire bank account.  Having a creditor swoop down and snatching all of your money out of your bank account is not an experience you want to go through.  Fortunately, this person had family members that were able to help her out.

In her situation, she lost her job about a year ago.  Six months later, she took a job that paid half of what she used to make.  Because of the decrease in income, she did not have any money to pay her credit cards.  To avoid the collections, she disconnected her phone.  She hoped they would leave her alone until she was able to find a higher paying job.  Unfortunately, this did not happen.  After she was served with a collection lawsuit, she continued to ignore the problem.  As a consequence, the creditor obtained a default judgment against her.  The creditor then took the next step of garnishing her checking account.  In this awful economy, this type of scenario is not uncommon.

I can understand how being under so much stress can make a person want to block out the problem.  However, ignoring your creditors is never a good idea because the problem won’t go away by itself.  If fact, it will most likely get a lot worse if you don’t do something.

Take action today.  Call my office at 770-809-3099 for a free consultation and lets see is we can take care of all the debt problems.

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