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Debt Settlement vs Bankruptcy Options

Understanding Debt Settlement vs Bankruptcy Options

Being buried under what seems like a mountain of debt can make people automatically assume they need to be in a debt settlement program. However, sometimes debt settlement can be a complete scam in many cases. Debt Settlement Debt settlement companies cannot protect you from lawsuits. Bankruptcy protects from all collection lawsuits. The worse aspect …

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Medical Debt Relief

Medical Debt Relief

Across the United States, millions struggle with medically-related expenses and find themselves in debt. Healthcare costs are comparatively higher today than they were the last 50 years and the price of health insurance is increasingly rising with larger premiums and fees paid “out-of-pocket”. Georgia Watch, a non-profit entity that functions as a consumer advocate, said …

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Debt Consolidation vs Bankruptcy

Debt Consolidation vs Bankruptcy

According to a recent report from WSAV NBC News in Savannah, the amount of credit card debt among U.S. consumers has now reached approximately $1 trillion. Data from CNBC goes further too also include debt stemming from mortgages, student loans, and vehicle loans, which roughly totals $13.15 trillion. This is the fifth year in a row that household debt has …

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Asset Acceptance Gets Slapped With a 2.5 Million Dollar Fine By The FTC

Asset Acceptance was recently fined $2.5 million dollars because of their collection practices (click here to read an article in Business Week about this topic).  To the normal person, $2.5 million dollars is a tremendous amount of money but to a company that takes in over $100 million per year, this is just a small …

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