Georgia Bankruptcy

Car Loan

Getting Out of a Car Loan

According to Experian, roughly 20% of current auto loans are considered to be subprime. These loans are geared for those with poor credit and have high interest rates. The best course of action for handling an existing auto loan as you approach bankruptcy requires that you and your attorney evaluate your specific circumstances. Assuming that you require a vehicle …

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Life After Bankruptcy

Life After Bankruptcy

According to data from the American Bankruptcy Institute for 2017, there were approximately 44,407 personal bankruptcies in Georgia.  If you recently had your debts discharged in Chapter 7 or completed a payback arrangement under Chapter 13, you may feel a sense of relieve. The challenge is how to manage financially after bankruptcy. Evidence of a bankruptcy will remain on your credit history for seven to ten …

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Saving Your Home and the Georgia Bankruptcy Homestead Exemption

Some debtors in need of filing bankruptcy are hesitant to do so because of one reason: they don’t want to lose their home. This can lead to serious debt issues and stress they might have been able to avoid if they had instead asked a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney what can happen to a person’s home …

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