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Foreclosures in Northwest Georgia Drop Twenty Five Percent this Month

As I looked through the number of foreclosure advertisements in various local papers this month, I have noticed a twenty five percent drop from January 2010 to February 2010 in some counties.  I don’t know if this is just a local trend or a national trend.  The number of foreclosures in January 2010 was unusually high which may contribute to this huge drop.  The current trend in most cases is that mortgage companies are working with people to try to make the loans work.  When the mortgage company refuses to be reasonable Chapter 13, is a great tool for stopping foreclosures.

Here is a summery of the numbers.

  • Gordon – 72 in Jan. and 72 in Feb.
  • Bartow – 152 in Jan. and 125 in Feb.
  • Catoosa – 69 in Jan. and 59 in Feb.
  • Polk – 29 in Jan. and 39 in Feb.
  • Paulding 354 in Jan. and 264 in Feb.
  • Whitfield – 111 in Jan. and 84 in Feb.
  • Floyd – 84 in Jan. and 47 in Feb.
  • Walker 7 in Jan. and 7 in Feb.
  • Rome
  • Walker
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