The 5 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

By Jeffrey Kelly | July 23, 2020

Click Here for the Podcast Version of this Post / 5 Most Important Questions to Ask before Deciding to Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney There are some important questions every consumer should ask before hiring a bankruptcy attorney.  Hiring the right attorney will ensure that you get the best fresh start possible after completing your case.   […]

What is strict compliance in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

By Jeffrey Kelly | July 9, 2020

Click Here for the Podcast Version of this Post / Strict compliance in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is when your case has been placed on a period where if you miss a single Chapter 13 payment, your case is automatically dismissed without a hearing.  Dismissed without a hearing is a bad thing because you have […]

How to fight a creditor lawsuit

By Jeffrey Kelly | June 29, 2020

Click Here for the Podcast Version of this Post / In Georgia, consumers have the right to fight back against creditor lawsuits.  In my experience, the people who I have seen have the most successful outcomes are victims of identity theft.    Why did you get a letter from me? I am a bankruptcy attorney and […]

Don’t let yourself get hit by the tidal wave of creditor lawsuits.

By Jeffrey Kelly | June 25, 2020

Click Here for the Podcast Version of this Post / It is no secret that a tidal wave of bankruptcies are coming down the pipe soon.  Over 40 million Americans have lost their jobs at some point during this Covid-19 government forced shutdown of our economy.  For almost five months, creditors in Georgia have not been able […]

What happens to the credit score after bankruptcy?

By Jeffrey Kelly | June 22, 2020

What happens to your credit score after bankruptcy?  Am I doomed for many years?  What does my future look like?  Will I ever be able to buy a new car at a decent interest rate?  Will I ever be able to buy that house that I’ve always dreamed about?  Is my financial future ruined? As […]

How to protect yourself from theft in a Chapter 13 with

By Jeffrey Kelly | June 15, 2020

Every active Chapter 13 bankruptcy debtor should open an account with  The cost is free but the information you see could be worth a lot of money to you and save you from theft. Having an account with will allow you to see every single proof of claim that has been filed in […]

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