How to fight a creditor lawsuit

By Jeffrey Kelly | June 29, 2020

Click Here for the Podcast Version of this Post / In Georgia, consumers have the right to fight back against creditor lawsuits.  In my experience, the people who I have seen have the most successful outcomes are victims of identity theft.    Why did you get a letter from me? Why did you get a letter […]

Don’t let yourself get hit by the tidal wave of creditor lawsuits.

By Jeffrey Kelly | June 25, 2020

Click Here for the Podcast Version of this Post / It is no secret that a tidal wave of bankruptcies are coming down the pipe soon.  Over 40 million Americans have lost their jobs at some point during this Covid-19 government forced shutdown of our economy.  For almost five months, creditors in Georgia have not been able […]

What happens to the credit score after bankruptcy?

By Jeffrey Kelly | June 22, 2020

What happens to your credit score after bankruptcy?  Am I doomed for many years?  What does my future look like?  Will I ever be able to buy a new car at a decent interest rate?  Will I ever be able to buy that house that I’ve always dreamed about?  Is my financial future ruined? As […]

How to protect yourself from theft in a Chapter 13 with

By Jeffrey Kelly | June 15, 2020

Every active Chapter 13 bankruptcy debtor should open an account with  The cost is free but the information you see could be worth a lot of money to you and save you from theft. Having an account with will allow you to see every single proof of claim that has been filed in […]

Can I buy a car while I am in an active Chapter 13 bankruptcy case?

By Jeffrey Kelly | June 9, 2020
buy a car in chapter 13

Buying a car while you are in an active Chapter 13 is possible but it is also extremely difficult.  Most lenders are not willing to go through the process of waiting for the court to approve a post-petition car loan.  Finding a lender who is willing to work with you while you are in an […]

How Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Save Your Home from the Corona Fallout

By Jeffrey Kelly | May 28, 2020
bankruptcy and your credit

As of the date of this writing, over 40 million Americans are unemployed due to no fault of their own.  This coronavirus pandemic has hit us all with vicious power.  Corona has caused millions of Americans to fall behind on their mortgage payments.  The good news is that many people will be able to use […]

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