How long does it take to file bankruptcy?

By Jeffrey Kelly | August 27, 2019
how long to file bankruptcy

The short answer to this question is that in most cases, we can get a bankruptcy case filed in about 3 hours if the bankruptcy attorney has a prepared client sitting live in the office with them.  I have been practicing bankruptcy for over 21 years.  My law firm has 7 offices, 5 attorneys and […]

Bankruptcy Basics in Georgia

By Jeffrey Kelly | June 26, 2019

Modern society is fast-paced. Consumers can easily get what they want immediately, in some cases within minutes. However, legal matters are often a different story. Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy cannot be handled instantly online. Instead, it requires at least one in-person meeting with an attorney to get a case filed.  However, […]

How Often Can You File for Bankruptcy?

By Jeffrey Kelly | June 12, 2019
File for Bankruptcy

Most people who file for bankruptcy in Georgia have no expectation that they will ever file for bankruptcy again. However, circumstances can change and someone may consider filing for bankruptcy a second time. This raises the question, how many times can someone receive a discharge? The short answer is that there are no legal requirements […]

Is Chapter 13 Worth It?

By Jeffrey Kelly | June 7, 2019
Chapter 13 Worth It

Learning about what a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can do for you most likely will be a pleasant surprise. Don’t believe all the BS that you may have heard at the water cooler. Only a qualified bankruptcy attorney can you give you accurate details and recommendations about your specific case. Otherwise, people dealing with large amounts […]

Understanding Debt Settlement vs Bankruptcy Options

By Jeffrey Kelly | May 30, 2019
Debt Settlement vs Bankruptcy Options

Being buried under what seems like a mountain of debt can make people automatically assume they need to be in a debt settlement program. However, sometimes debt settlement can be a complete scam in many cases. Debt Settlement Debt settlement companies cannot protect you from lawsuits. Bankruptcy protects from all collection lawsuits. The worse aspect […]

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process Timeline

By Jeffrey Kelly | May 23, 2019
Bankruptcy Process Timeline

Filing for bankruptcy can make sense for many people who want to start over after amassing debt that realistically can never be repaid. However, Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not happen overnight. Individuals and couples who choose Chapter 7 in Georgia should be ready to undergo the process. It can be tough to be patient. Yet […]

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