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How can an ex sneak up on you and ruin your Chapter 13 bankruptcy case?

By Jeffrey Kelly | May 1, 2020
divorce bankruptcy case

Is there anything worse than some hated ex coming back into your life?  In some bankruptcy cases, it happens.  Do you know that yuck feeling of hearing that voice inside your head say, “Oh no, now I have to deal with _________ again?”  It makes my stomach hurt when I give people the bad news. […]

Bankruptcy in the Time of COVID-19

By Jeffrey Kelly | April 3, 2020
Bankruptcy in Time of COVID-19

During times when we are doing our best to flatten the curve of a novel pandemic, it’s important to practice social distancing. Unfortunately, for many who might be looking at the prospect of filing for bankruptcy, this creates a unique problem. In the state of Georgia, filing for Bankruptcy was something that is only done […]

Assessing the Benefits of Bankruptcy

By Jeffrey Kelly | March 25, 2020
Benefits of Bankruptcy

If you are reading this article, you are likely asking yourself whether declaring bankruptcy is the right way to manage your debts. While making this decision takes research and careful thought, its best to decide sooner rather than later to place yourself in a better position for success. Below is a quick article to help […]

A Word of Warning: How Cheap Divorces can Affect Bankruptcy Later On

By Jeffrey Kelly | March 23, 2020
Cheap Divorces can Affect Bankruptcy

There are some situations where it may feel necessary to get a divorce that is quick, cheap, or both. While the circumstances leading up to these decisions vary depending on the individual, the end result is often the same: a botched job that is impossible to rework. What does a botched divorce look like, exactly? […]

Corona Virus and Bankruptcy

By Jeffrey Kelly | March 2, 2020
Corona virus and bankruptcy

Perhaps as you read the headline to this blog post, you might have asked yourself: “How in the world could the corona virus and bankruptcy be connected in any way?” My answer is that our bankruptcy system will be crucial in assisting the citizens of our country in recovering from the economic fallout of the […]

Bankruptcy and Keeping Your Home

By Jeffrey Kelly | January 31, 2020
Keeping Your Home

When a bank is about to take your home through foreclosure, filing bankruptcy is the obvious solution in many cases.  Georgia has a nonjudicial foreclosure system which makes it extremely easy for a bank to take your home in 4 weeks if you don’t do anything to stop them. What Happens During the Foreclosure Process? […]

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