Wage Garnishment Calculator

By Jeffrey Kelly | November 12, 2018
Wage Garnishment Calculator

If you have defaulted on your federal student loans, child support or alimony payments, owe back taxes, or have a court-ordered judgment against you, you may lose part of your paycheck. This is known as wage garnishment, and it is permitted under Federal and state law as a way for creditors to reclaim debts. Under […]

Wage Garnishment Exemption

By Jeffrey Kelly | October 29, 2018
Wage Garnishment Exemption

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, you may find yourself unsure what to do if a creditor tries to obtain a wage garnishment from you. A wage garnishment exemption could apply in some cases. If applicable, it can work to protect some or even all of your wages from garnishment. This happens if you take […]

How to Deal with Debt Collectors

By Jeffrey Kelly | October 22, 2018
Debt Collectors

Anyone in serious debt may deal with a variety of emotions on a daily basis: embarrassment, regret, and anger. When faced with debt collectors, who may constantly hound a debtor to pay an old debt, people often experience fear. They may even stop answering their phone, out of fear of receiving yet another debt collection […]

Types of Bankruptcy

By Jeffrey Kelly | October 15, 2018
Types of Bankruptcy

Car loans, mortgages, student loans, as well as other loans and expenses that you have, may make it difficult to afford necessities for a decent quality of life. Bankruptcy can be a frightening concept, but knowing what options are out there can help bring peace of mind and long-term financial success. There are many different types […]

Medical Debt Relief

By Jeffrey Kelly | October 11, 2018
Medical Debt Relief

Across the United States, millions struggle with medically-related expenses and find themselves in debt. Healthcare costs are comparatively higher today than they were the last 50 years and the price of health insurance is increasingly rising with larger premiums and fees paid “out-of-pocket”. Georgia Watch, a non-profit entity that functions as a consumer advocate, said […]

Student Loans in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

By Jeffrey Kelly | October 4, 2018
Student Loans in Chapter 13

Today, student loans are one of the most crippling debts that college graduates have accrued. Often, it’s not the amount of the original loan that causes difficulty with repayment but the punishing interest rate on the loan combined with stagnant wages. Recent reports show that it’s not just students who face student loan difficulties. Parents […]

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