Bankruptcy - What is the next step if you are ready to file?
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Bankruptcy – What is the next step if you are ready to file?

If you have decided to file bankruptcy in Northwest Georgia, the next step is to call my office at 1-888-832-8249 to schedule an appointment.  I have offices located throughout Northwest Georgia in Dalton, Cartersville, Rome and Dallas.  Currently, I take late evening appointments in Rome on Thursdays.

During this first appointment, we will go over your income and budget so that we can come up with a plan that works for you.  You need to have idea of your monthly expenses.  For example, how much do you spend on gas each week?  How much do you spend on food?  How much are your out of pocket medical expenses each month?  How much is your automobile expenses each month?  How much does your cell phone cost each month?  How much does your electricity cost?

Please bring a recent paystub.  We need to know how much money you have each month to use toward your expenses.  How much do you net each week after taxes and insurance are deducted from your paycheck?  Do you have income from any other source like child support or alimony?

We will also need a list of all of your creditors.  On this list, we need names of creditors, creditor mailing addresses, and amounts owed.  A credit report is a great place to start making your list.  However, not every creditor reports to the credit agencies.  As a result, you will need to go through your monthly statements from your creditors.  If you having trouble locating an address for a creditor, google is a great place to find them.

It does not cost anything to come and talk to us.

This first appointment usually takes around 30 minutes.  The second appointment is where you sign the bankruptcy petition.  This appointment will usually take two hours.  I like to go over every single page of the petition with you so that you feel confident that everything is correct.