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Cartersville bankruptcy attorneyDrowning in debt? Is your debt unmanageable? Filing for bankruptcy may be your best solution. Our experienced Cartersville bankruptcy attorney with the Law Office of Jeffrey B. Kelly can evaluate your circumstances, inform you of the best options to regain control of your finances, and assist you throughout the bankruptcy proceedings.

Types of Bankruptcy

You could file one of two kinds of bankruptcies to help with your debt: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. A knowledgeable Cartersville bankruptcy attorney will review your circumstances and help you determine which course of action is best for you.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 is a liquidation bankruptcy, sometimes known as a “fresh start.” If you qualify, it could work well if you:

  • Don’t have property you wish to keep
  • Have outstanding credit card, medical and personal loan debts, which could be wiped out

You qualify for Chapter 7 filing by passing the income qualification test, called the means test, which analyzes your household size and income and compares it to the state median. Even if you do not currently qualify for Chapter 7, you may later if you have a major change in expenses or income.

Under Chapter 7, you are able to keep particular amount property up to a specific value, known as protected, or exempt, property. During the bankruptcy process, you will have a trustee who may liquidate your non-exempt property to pay off your debts and creditors. Many people are able to retain most or all of their property.

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 is a restructuring bankruptcy that permits you to reorganize your debt into a manageable repayment plan so you can repay your debt over a three to five year period. You should consider filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy if you:

  • Do not qualify under Chapter 7
  • Have a non-dischargeable tax debt
  • Are facing potential foreclosure and you are able to repay the delinquent payments
  • May lose non-exempt property you wish to retain
  • Have overdue and non-dischargeable alimony and/child support payments
  • May be underwater on a car loan or second mortgage

A Cartersville bankruptcy attorney can develop an efficient repayment plan acceptable by the creditors and the court.

Bankruptcy Process

A Cartersville bankruptcy attorney can assist you throughout the complex bankruptcy process. During this process, you will need to perform certain tasks, discussed in further details below.

Information Gathering

You will need to collect financial and personal information prior to filing, such as:

  • Credit report
  • Pay stubs
  • Income tax returns
  • Monthly bills (e.g., utility, rent, mortgages, cellphone, etc.)
  • Bank statements
  • Housing contracts
  • Life insurance policies
  • Collection notices
  • Car titles

We can assist you in gathering the relevant documents, review them, and evaluate your situation to determine whether filing for bankruptcy is right for you.

Bankruptcy Course

Prior to filing, you must take a two-hour online counseling course, called the Pre-Counseling class. Upon completion, you will be given a certification that must be submitted with your bankruptcy filing.

Legal Documents

After you and our Cartersville bankruptcy attorney thoroughly review and discuss your papers and you have decided to file for bankruptcy, the legal documents must then be prepared. Bankruptcy courts mandate that the legal documents outline your: income, debts, monthly household expenses, list of assets and corresponding values, tax information, and other valuable information about your personal and financial situation. We can help you craft and file the appropriate paperwork with the court.

Meeting of the Creditors

After filing for bankruptcy, you must take part in a meeting of the creditors. You will be appointed a local trustee who will head this meeting, although creditors rarely appear. At the meeting, you will be asked to verify your identity and financial-related documents filed with your bankruptcy. For many, the meeting lasts about five to 10 minutes.

Other Hearings

Your bankruptcy proceeding, usually Chapter 13 filings, may require additional hearings. Generally, your Cartersville bankruptcy attorney can appear on your behalf and discuss your circumstances with your creditors.

Final Bankruptcy and Credit Counseling

Chapter 7 bankruptcy lasts about four to six months. After you file your case, but prior to your discharge, you must successfully complete the Debtor Education Course, an online course. You must then file the certificate in your name, or you will not receive your discharge. Chapter 13 bankruptcy lasts the length of your repayment plan.

Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

You will need to work to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy, which may include:

  • Using a secured credit card
  • Ensuring your bankruptcy is properly recorded with your creditors
  • Removing creditor judgments from your report or records

You must go through the court to remove creditor judgments from your records. However, there are some judgments, such as tax liens or child support , that cannot be removed.

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When your mounting debts become overwhelming and you are unsure about what to do, speak to a knowledgeable Cartersville bankruptcy attorney with the Law Office of Jeffrey Kelly, P.C. at (678) 506-2609 to discuss your financial situation and options.


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