Cost Of Filing Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Or Chapter 13 In Georgia.

Bankruptcy Attorney Fees | How Much Does Filing Bankruptcy Cost?

We offer everyone a free consultation.  The costs of filing bankruptcy chapter 7 or chapter 13 in Georgia will vary from case to case.  We will shoot straight with you.

If you have judgments as well as secured creditors that will require reaffirmation agreements, your case will cost a little more.  If you are self-employed, your case will cost a lot more because the case will be more complicated.

Taking advantage of a free consultation will give us the opportunity to hear your story and see if bankruptcy is a good solution for you.  If it is not, we are going to tell you.  Additionally, we will give you a clear analysis of how the bankruptcy laws apply to your specific case.

Other firms may try to lure you in by quoting only their attorney fees.  For example, they may leave out the $330  court filing fee and the cost for the classes.  I review your entire case with you and I will tell you the total cost of filing your case.


How Much Does it Cost to File Chapter 13?

In emergency situations such as a garnishment, we can file your Chapter 13 case for $100.00 ($80.00 to file the case, $20.00 for the credit counseling class).  You must pay the remaining $230.00 within 60 days of your filing date).

Generally, I charge $330.00 to file Chapter 13 ($310 is your filing fee and $20 is for your class).

If you file your case for $100.00 and agree to pay the rest of the Chapter 13 filing fee in installments to the court, your case will be automatically dismissed if you miss a single installment.  It is much safer for you to pay the entire filing fee upfront.

I file cases only in the Northern District of Georgia in the Rome and Atlanta Divisions.

You may see some other attorneys advertise that they will file your case for $75.  However, the truth is that your filing fee for the bankruptcy court  is $310.00 no matter who you file with.

Furthermore, you have to take a consumer credit counseling course BEFORE YOU FILE YOUR CASE and while there might be cheaper classes out there, $20.00 is the cheapest class I have found.  When you hire me, I am going to be completely honest and upfront with you. In a Chapter 13, your attorneys fees are paid through your monthly chapter 13 plan payment. Attorneys fees in Chapter 13 vary from case to case.

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