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Kennesaw bankruptcy attorneyIf you are considering bankruptcy, a Kennesaw bankruptcy attorney can help you. Bankruptcy is a legal remedy and can provide an efficient way to eliminate most debts. This is accomplished either through a Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy or through a Chapter 13 reorganization. Having collectors call you and not being able to pay your bills is stressful. You can better understand how bankruptcy might be right option for you by contacting an experienced Kennesaw bankruptcy attorney. Contact our firm today for a free consultation.

STEP 1: Gathering Your Information

Bankruptcy requires disclosure of a substantial amount of personal and financial information. Your attorney will have to review all of this information in order to explain how a bankruptcy can help you and what assets you can keep. You will need to gather and collect all this information. The types of documents your attorney might need to see include:

  • Income reports
  • Credit reports
  • Income tax returns
  • Bank statements
  • Automotive titles
  • Housing lease or mortgage
  • Home valuation
  • Life insurance policies
  • Monthly bills
  • Bank statements
  • Personal property values
  • Collections or lawsuit

STEP 2: Preparing the Bankruptcy Papers

After you have provided your Kennesaw bankruptcy attorney with all your documents, the next step is to prepare the bankruptcy papers. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys will make sure you understand how the bankruptcy petition works and how to appropriately complete it. The petition requires you to list all of your debts, monthly income, monthly expenses, assets, creditors and other important required financial information (e.g. lawsuits or money owed to you). Completing the paperwork can be challenging and requires precision. Your Kennesaw bankruptcy attorney will help you through this process and guide you in ensuring the petition is accurate and complete.

STEP 3: The Bankruptcy Pre-Counseling Online Course

If you are going to file for bankruptcy you will have to complete an online bankruptcy course. This is often called the Pre-Counseling course. Your Kennesaw bankruptcy attorney will assist you in finding the right course. It usually takes about a few hours and after completion you will receive a certificate that your attorney will file with the court.

STEP 4: Filing the Bankruptcy Case

After you have met with your attorney and completed all the court paperwork, you will be ready to file your case. Once your case is filed, you receive the benefit of the automatic stay. The automatic stay provides legal protection from your creditors. It stops your creditors from pursing lawsuits and collections, or even contacting you. Creditors must follow the automatic stay or seek court permission to stop the stay, but such permission is rare.

STEP 5: The Creditor Meeting

After your bankruptcy is filed with the court, you will receive a notice for your Meeting of Creditors. This meeting is usually held approximately 4-6 weeks after your file. Your attorney will attend the Meeting of Creditors with you. At this meeting, which usually lasts 5-10 minutes, the court trustee will ask you some questions about your petition. Your Kennesaw bankruptcy attorney will go over what to expect before the meeting.

In Chapter 7, you usually receive your discharge 61 days after the Meeting of Creditors. In Chapter 13, your plan will be set for a confirmation hearing. Following plan confirmation, you will make monthly payments and follow your plan. Once you complete your plan, you will receive your bankruptcy discharge. Most Chapter 13s last 3-5 years.

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